Everyone I know is pregnant.

Pretty much everyone I know is pregnant, so even though it’s stinkin’ hot, I’m knitting my little fingers off.  I need to get all the baby blankets done before school starts or I just won’t have time!  Because I had 3 that I knew I wanted to do, I picked a simple pattern that I could internalize and do in my sleep.



The first one went to Baby Olivia who lives in Spain and is my honorary niece.  I lived with her mama’s family when I was an exchange student in Spain in the 90s and her proud Tia Eri (pictured with her) lived with my family and me in the states for a month or so.  I’m so happy to still be connected with that wonderful family!




The second one went to Baby Risa, my cousin’s baby.  I had to SPEED through it because she had the baby two weeks early!  Risa means laughter, I love it!



The third one went to one of my besties who isn’t due until around Thanksgiving, but I wanted to get it done! 🙂

The pattern is from Espace Tricot and the yarn is Knitpicks Shine Worsted.



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