DIY Sunglasses Organizer

Inspired by a post I saw on pinterest (which links to this blog post) I decided to make my very own sunglasses holder/memo frame.    I have a bit of a sunglasses addiction and they all end up in my car.  When I cleaned out my car to hang them on the frame, there were 5 pairs in there.  I never need 5 pairs of sunglasses in my car.  My car doesn’t even seat 5 people!


I found the frame in the basement of Decatur Estate for $5!  I took tiny hooks that I had leftover from another project and screwed them into the frame in regular intervals.  Then I laced them up like a corset…or like a shoe…whichever…with garden twine.  Et-voila.  Sunglasses holder with plenty of room if my problem continues to grow…and spots to clip cards and notes if I want!

Now that I think about it, I’m missing at least one pair….hmmmm.


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