Citrus/Vinegar Cleaner for Whiteboards

I like to use as few chemicals as possible in cleaning, but my school gave me whiteboard cleaner and so I’ve been using it. I think it’s about the same as windex, from the smell of it….and I definitely don’t like the smell.

Last week, my document camera (the overhead projector of the new millennium) stopped working between 2nd and 3rd periods while I was modeling writing in paragraphs/proofreading to my kids.

I went to the whiteboard and realized that all of my dry erase markers were too thick for the job of writing a bunch all at once, and too temporary to stand up to proofreading. So I grabbed a wet erase marker and went to town.

Afterward, I tried to clean the board and this happened:


Big smeary mess! That’s actually after two attempts with the expo cleaner.

So today, I decided to put citrus/vinegar cleaner head to head with the expo.


Grudge match!

The winner?


Vinegar on the left, expo (for the third time) on the right.

Vinegar cleaner is the clear winner, it’s super cheap, it doesn’t contain a pile of chemicals (in fact, it makes a nice addition to salad dressing), and you can make it at home.

Wait, let me say that again:

It’s more effective, cheaper, and not bad for your health. No brainer.

Recipe here if you missed it!


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