I know, my name is weird – it’s pronounced like Kayla Forzjay.  Yay for world languages!  My first name is based on the Portuguese word for rabbit and my last name is French….I speak neither language although am *nearly fluent* in  Spanish.  Someday I’d like to live in Spain for longer than a month.  Cross your fingers for me.  🙂  I’m an avid gardener, beekeeper, dog lover, herbal novice, gluten-free-kitchen-experimenter, craft addict, outdoor enthusiast, and Middle School English teacher.  I’ve started blogs for all sorts of things and not done terribly well with keeping up with them- so I’m giving myself a fresh start.  This blog is a mash-up of all the things I love….and that’s life.  You might not find every post right up your alley, but stick around long enough and I’m sure there will be something for you!

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