Myrtle Beach!

This Spring I moved SOUTH!  More SOUTH than I have ever lived.  Winter in New England this year was absolutely brutal and I knew that I’d have a VERY busy summer, so I took a few days out on Myrtle Beach and it was just what the doctor ordered.  I can’t wait to go back!


I let Rocket drive part of the way – he’s almost 4, so in human years he should have his license by now.


First stop was Huntington Beach State Park to set up camp.  I prefer my tent to be invisible…just kidding…it’s a hammock.  I love not sleeping on the ground and my Warbonnet Blackbird is my favorite ticket to fly!


The dogs aren’t the hugest fan of the hammock – Piglet is a little more used to it because she’s been around longer, my little baby is going to be 9 this year!  But once they settle, it’s actually a very comfy sleep.  I have a Big Agnes bag like this one and I love it.  I also use a generic REI sleeping pad for insulation, but I’m still working on that part…I could use another layer of something.  Last year out on the Appalachian Trail (I hiked through a bunch of the New Hampshire section of the trail) I was a little chilly.

IMG_4228 IMG_4255 IMG_4264

I needed the sun and the ocean….the up-close-and-personal alligator encounters I could definitely have done without though. 😉