New Hive!

A few weeks ago, I drove out into the countryside and got my newest bee colony!

It had been forecast to be chilly and overcast, but the sun peeked out in the morning and I got the ladies fixed up in their new hive.


One of my gals modeling. 🙂

I got stung on my install, and like every time I’ve been stung, it was my fault. I didn’t notice that there was a bee on the back of my knee and when I went to climb the stairs up onto my porch, she got pinched and stung me.  They hurt less and swell less every time, but my adrenaline still goes through the roof.

There have been a few days with high pollen warnings. Allergy sufferers beware, but honeybee fiesta! 

After just a month, they’ve built out 12 bars and I’m waiting on a break in the weather to give them some more space.


The queen is free, long live the queen.


I don’t have bees this year, which makes me sad.  The polar vortex was not just something the weather channel made up – it got VERY cold in New England and I lost all 6 hives.  This year I was moving in the middle of when I’d be replenishing my bee population and so I had to sit out.  Next March, I’ll be picking up a new hive…until then all I have are pictures of my babies from years past.  This is my all-time favorite bee photo.  I love these girls.