When you fall in love with screw back earrings…

…time to pull out the pliers.

The school where I teach uses navy and orange for its colors, and the principal loves spirit days. Occasionally I’ll spot little treasures that function with both my personal aesthetic and are school colors, everyone wins.

So when I spotted these awesome geometric creamsicle bakelite earrings, I snapped them up…even though they’re screw back.


I wore them a few times as-is, because I was too lazy to pull out my pliers, but tomorrow is “homecoming” and it’s going to be a long day of wrangling students. So I decided to pull out the pliers and swap the findings so I they’d be more comfortable.

I prefer round tip needle-nose pliers for working with jewelry, they seem much less likely to damage old metal.


It’s really just a matter of opening the hoop on the earring, taking the original hook out and putting a new one in.


Et voila!